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The latest information in and around online sexual content and our programme for helping children and young adults to understand and make sense of it.

Our program

Over the past year we have developed a seven-part program designed to help children and young adults aged 11-14 to understand and make sense of the sexual content they see online; everything from music videos to pornography. It is the first course of its type and we believe fills a significant gap in our children's education in the modern internet era.

The internet era has brought many wonderful opportunities to our children but it has also led to an explosion in sexual content online, much of it readily available thanks to the widespread use of smartphones.

Teachers, parents and children themselves are concerned about how young people are able to make sense of this material, which ranges from sexually charged music videos to sexting between peers to commercial pornography. In response, we have designed the world’s first program to help children aged 11-14 understand, discuss and navigate this new world.

The course covers everything from understanding body image, to recognizing what is safe, to taking control of their own lives online. It is a foundation on which we hope children will be able to build on as they grow and mature.

Unfortunately, as with many things in life, we are not able to shield our children from the adult world around them. However this program, we believe, will help them make sense of what they see and give them tools to navigate the online world. For more information, visit our main program page.

Meet The Team

We are an international team of policy and communication experts, educational specialists and child protection veterans, based in the UK and US. The AtFirstSite program was devised by IFFOR, a non-profit foundation that specializes in developing policies and educational materials around online sexual content.

  • Teresa Hughes


    Teresa is a specialist in online safety and child protection. A former police detective, Teresa regularly trains and updates schools inspectors, with a particular expertise in online risk. She also lectures at the University of Kent Centre on child protection issues.

  • Kieren McCarthy

    Executive Director

    Kieren is Executive Director of IFFOR and an expert on the Internet’s naming systems and global politics. He has spent the past 20 years covering the internet policy arena as a journalist, communications professional, policy advisor and participation specialist.

  • Charlotte Aynsley

    Program Designer

    Charlotte is one of the UK’s leading specialists in e-safety. She had led programs for, among others, Becta, CEOP and the NSPCC. Charlotte is a member of the CEOP Education Advisory Board and previously a member of the Safer Internet Centre advisory board.

  • Sharon Girling

    Advisor, educator

    Sharon Girling OBE is a specialist in the field of child online safety having served as a special investigator for the UK police in a 30-year career. She has advised both the British Prime Minister and President of the United States on child protection issues.


We have a range of options to access and deliver the course to your students. You can either purchase the course by lesson or all at once. And you can choose to either be taught on how best to deliver the course at one of our teacher training sessions, or hire one of our specialists to deliver the course.

  • Individual lesson

    $ 30 / £ 22.50
    • One complete lesson (of eight)
    • Lesson plan
    • Presentation
    • Worksheet
    • Digital download
  • Full program

    $ 199 / £ 150
    • Complete course
    • Lesson plans
    • Presentations
    • Worksheets
    • Digital download
    • Access to updated materials
  • Full program & teacher training

    $ 1055 / £ 800
    • Everything in the Full course, plus
    • One-day teacher training
    • Choice of locations and dates
  • Full program & program delivery

    $ 1500 / £ 1150
    • Everything in the Full course, plus
    • Course delivered by qualified professional
    • Teacher comes to your school

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