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Update on the course for teaching kids about online sexual content

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Welcome and thank you

Our first update on the AtFirstSite educational materials

It’s been a little over a week since the Child Internet Safety Summit in London and we felt it was important to provide you with a quick update on where we are with the AtFirstSite educational materials for online sexual content.

First of all, thank you very much to those of you that attended our seminar and sorry to the few that were unable to get in: if we would have known our session was going to be so popular we would have arranged for a larger room. 

In addition to the feedback in the room, we would like to encourage you to send whatever other ideas or suggestions you have now that you may have had time to think through the course and/or read through our sample materials. You can email us at or simply respond to this email.

So, here’s what we heard from you:

  • You think there is a strong need for this sort of course (we feel the same, obviously, but it’s always nice to hear it from others)
  • We should consider variations of the materials going forward: for primary schools, special needs schools, parents and other settings like residential children’s homes
  • You like and agree with our plan to make online resources a key part of the course and to constantly update it online as a way of keeping the course relevant
  • Many of you are interested in introducing and/or trialling the course sooner rather than later
  • You feel that our initial pricing plan was priced too low
  • The course would be well served with an associated training session
  • You would like to be kept informed about where we are with the course and how it is progressing

To address the last point first, we intend to have the full course available for schools in time for the new school year in September of this year.
We provided samples of two of the seven lessons/activities. We are finalising the remainder and are continuing to build out our website so that all of it will be easily available online to purchase for downloading and streaming.
We will keep you informed as to how that work is progressing and of course we welcome whatever questions you may have. 

Are you interested in trialling the program?

As much as we would like to think our programme is perfect, the reality is this is a new course and so there are always going to be ways to improve it.

As such we are looking for schools and other educational settings that would be willing to work with us in trialling the resource. You would need to be teaching children aged 11-14 and be prepared to deliver the seven-part course starting in September 2015.

In return for honest feedback and quick discussions on how to improve, we are willing to offer a significant discount on the cost.  

If you are interested, please email us at

Are you interested in a train-the-trainer model? 

As mentioned at the seminar, while we have designed the course to be presented by all educators, we feel there is a distinct advantage in going through specific training in how to deliver the course.


The programme was developed with the help of highly qualified trainers who can train groups of teachers/educators to deliver the materials.
At the moment, we are planning one “train the trainer” event in the Midlands but our intention is to put on more events according to demand. We haven’t finalised plans or pricing but our initial idea is a half-day of training for a group of schools or educators to help them to learn about the issues and to teach them how to use the materials effectively.  This will also include access to the materials for the organisations involved.


If you are interested in learning more, please email us at

Lastly, do please check out our website at If you had a look at the website immediately after the conference you may have noticed we had some technical troubles (nothing ever goes perfectly). But the site is now up properly and we are continuing to build it.
Also, if you wish to follow us on Twitter, we are @atfirstsitekids.
We look forward to seeing you online and in person!
Thank you
The AtFirstSite team


Facebook - AtFirstSite
Facebook – AtFirstSite

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