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We have developed the course to be deliverable by any proficient teacher.

However if you wish to make use of outside expertise in order to deliver the course, we are able to offer that service.

The course was designed in close collaboration with a number of expert practitioners in the field of child safety and they are available to deliver the course in person, subject to availability. They know the course material inside out and have years of experience in delivering these types of materials.

You can sign up online now to have one of our expert practitioners come to your school or organization and present the course and we will be on contact to let you know where and when the next training session will take place. Alternatively, check out the AtFirstSite website and send us an email if you want more information.

Please note: Currently this service is only available in the UK.

We also offer one-day teacher-training sessions if you feel your organization is able to deliver the course after a little guidance.


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