2: Body image


This is the first of a two-part look at how the media we see every day impacts our view of ourselves and others.

This lesson's main focus is on the idea of “body image” – how people see themselves and how that many change depending on what we see and what people perceive to be attractive at any given time. To help provide context we show how the “perfect body” has changed significantly over time and is as much a product of fashion as anything else.

In a fun part of the lesson, we have learners look at different advertisements and get them to note how different aspects of people's bodies are being used to sell products, as well note gender differences and what that may mean.

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The Media and Body Image

Included in this lesson:

  • Teacher’s notes (16pgs)
  • Powerpoint presentation (12pgs)
  • Worksheets (2pgs)

Examples of presentation slides in Part 3

Approx. 45 minutes



resourcesWhiteboard, Post-it notes, internet connection, audio/visual, related worksheets



Overview: This activity, and the following activity in Part 3, encourages learners to reflect on what they see online and how it affects the view of their own body as well as other people’s bodies. It explores the dynamic of how men and women are portrayed differently and how the male and female form is used to sell products. It also looks at the issue of doctoring and changing images online so that they are deemed perfect.



  • Understand how the different sexes are portrayed in the media (online)
  • Debate and discuss how men and women are treated differently
  • Recognise that the portrayal of both sexes in the media might not be representative of real life
  • Understand images and pictures can be changed to portray what we deem as perfection



  • Students have a better understanding of how body image is portrayed online
  • Recognise how it might make them feel
  • They can feel ok about their own body

You can download an Annotated Guide to Part 2 as a pdf here.


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