4: Fantasy versus reality


This lesson is focused on recognising the reality that pornography and sexual content exists and giving learners a context in which to place it.

In particular, we draw a clear line between what happens in the real world (reality) and what is portrayed in such material (fantasy).

A quiz toward the end of the lesson reflects the fact that society is concerned about the negative impact that such material can have on young people.

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Fantasy versus reality

Included in this lesson:

  • Teacher’s notes (16pgs)
  • Powerpoint presentation (16pgs)
  • Worksheet (2pgs)

Examples of presentation slides in Part 4

Approx. 45 minutes



resourcesPresentation, teacher’s notes, worksheets, whiteboard, internet connection



Overview: This activity deals with sex and sexual imagery online. It explores how sexual content and especially pornography paints an unrealistic, always outstanding version of sex. Students consider a variety of true and false statements about sex and relationships and debate the implications. They will look specifically at how the portrayal of sex can affect how young people feel about themselves and the relationships they have.



  • Increase students awareness of the difference between real sex and how sex is relayed online
  • Develop understanding for how this might make them feel about sex and their own relationships



  • Increased understanding of how sex is portrayed online and how this might make them feel
  • Increased levels of confidence about their own body and potential sexual relationships


Important note: This activity deals openly with sex and relationships, and has been developed to link with sex and relationship education (SRE) standards. Due to the nature of the content, we strongly recommend that you review this part in full and consider whether broader consultation with relevant parties is needed before delivering it. It is possible to leave out this particular activity and move on to Part Six without a significant impact in the overall programme.


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