5: Sex and relationships


In the first version of this course, we purposefully did not include a lesson on pornography. But when we piloted it in several schools the feedback was clear: you have to tackle the issue directly.

This lesson does that by looking at commercial sexual content in the context of healthy and unhealthy relationships and builds on an earlier lesson that encourages learners to recognize the difference between fantasy and reality.

Most crucially it introduces the concept of consent – something that professionals are increasingly seeing as the key to a healthy understanding of human sexuality in children and young adults.

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Sex and relationships

Included in this lesson:

  • Teacher’s notes (21pgs)
  • Powerpoint presentation (12pgs)
  • Worksheet (3pgs)

Examples of presentation slides in Part 5

Approx. 45 minutes



resourcesPresentation, teacher’s notes, worksheets, whiteboard, internet connection



Overview: This activity helps students identify the positive nature of healthy sexual relationships and how pornography can affect their view of their expectations around sex and relationships. It explores what’s healthy and what’s not
and asks them to consider their views about pornography.



  • Identify what a healthy relationship is
  • Identify characteristics of unhealthy relationships
  • Explore the concept of “consent”
  • Explore attitudes to sex and pornography and how this might affect sex and relationships in the real world



  • Identify the characteristics of healthy relationships
  • Understand consent and be able to apply it to their own lives
  • Evaluate the sexual content students see online against what is identified as healthy


Important note: This activity deals openly with sex and relationships, and has been developed to link with sex and relationship education (SRE) standards. Due to the nature of the content, we strongly recommend that you review this part in full and consider whether broader consultation with relevant parties is needed before delivering it. It is possible to leave out this particular activity and move on to Part Six without a significant impact in the overall programme.


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