8: Your digital world


This is the final lesson of the course and is an extended one – an hour long, rather than the typical 45 minutes.

In it, we pull together everything that has been taught in the previous seven lessons by getting learners to consider what sorts of changes they would like to see in their digital world and pull them together in a single document – which we then encourage them to share over the very mediums we have been discussing during the course.

The idea of course is that this will not only reinforce what they have learnt but also help them to both express their insights and see what others have come up with in other places.

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Your digital world

Included in this lesson:

  • Teacher’s notes (11pgs)
  • Powerpoint presentation (8pgs)

Examples of presentation slides in Part 8

Approx. 1 hour (extended concluding lesson)



resourcesTeachers notes, worksheet and presentation, whiteboard, internet access, Post-It notes



Overview: This activity encourages learners to reflect on all of the outcomes of the activities so far and encourages them to critique what is out there. It will help them develop their own approach, building on what they have learnt and what they think is important, to help their online experiences be healthier ones.



  • Increase learners awareness of reliable sources of advice and support
  • Reaffirm there is good advice available
  • Consider their current rights and responsibilities online
  • Decide what would make the internet a better place
  • Reflect on everything they learnt through the programme



  • A better relationship with the online world especially in relation to sexual content
  • An increased level of confidence about the online world



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